Go Tigers!

How to submit information

All of our classmates and friends are encouraged to send new information about yourselves or any changes to your physical or email addresses. Also, you can feedback comments or questions about the website or to the Reunion Committee. This website will continue to grow as you provide photos and updates about you and your family. Let us know about your vacations and other interesting topics that you feel other classmates would like to see. Also, we would like to know of any serious health changes so we can keep you in our thoughts.

General Feedback
Just email your feedback (with your name) to jim@carras.com.. The information will be reviewed and then posted to the website.

You can email any photos you want to include to jim@carras.com . Don't forget to add your caption so we can include with the photo so everyone knows about the photo (i.e., names, location, when, etc.).

This is the official web site for the Westport High School, Class of 1957 Reunion Committee. Contact Jim Carras (jim@carras.com) for any comments, suggestions, corrections or recommendations.