Go Tigers!

Photos from Wayde Fredrickson

When Augie Ruf worked in a bar doing odd jobs as a helper, he would wash patron's cars when asked. In order to speed up the drying process he would take the car out for a spin. This photo was taken one afternoon when he came to show me the white convertible he was driving around town. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the car.
Party at John Stackhouse’s - 1957. Left to right: Shirley Hand, Dave Acuff, Beverly Schuler, Vance Morris, Jeffery Sheldon, Kathleen Brown, Donna Dodds, Bill Henry, Mr. Stackhouse.
 Harry Wharton would make spending money by cutting firewood on the weekends. One Saturday morning (after a Friday night football game) Harry and Herb Snedden came by to get me to help out. I was so stiff and sore from the game I could hardly walk down the stairs let alone cut firewood. They were made of hardier stuff than I.
 New Year’s morning. Dick Hinson and Tom Crosbie cleaning barf off Tom’s car.

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