Go Tigers!

Photos from Cherlyn (Hughes) Bruns
 Copy of the Nov. 56 Issue of the "prom"

 “Remember how hard we worked getting the Trophy cases."
 Tiger Pep Club

 Play Practice for “The Admirable Crichton”
Which was presented on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1,1957
 Student council meeting discussing separate seating for boys and girls in the cafateria. Majority of members favored "co-ed" seating
Dana lit society members donated primitive costumes to welcome their pledges 
 During our earlier years at Northeast-Westport games sometimes ended in fights. Although the score was 13-13, I don’t remember any fights our senior year.

 We were so lucky to have live music of our Tiger Dens. I don’t know if we appreciated that the time.

Does anyone have any information on the band?

Yes...Ray Carl Band (Bill Gallup answered)

Delphion lit slumber party.

 From the class of 57 I can identify Isabel Avila, Joyce Cook, and Janice McClintock

Can you identify others?

 Front Page of the first "Crier of our Senior Year."

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