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Feeder Schools for Westport High School
Many of Westport students came from feeder elementary schools located within the Westport High School district. If you have any additional schools or information you would like to share, please submit at the bottom of this page.


Rollins Elementary School

40th and Main St.

Norman Elementary School

35th and Jefferson St.

Hyde Park then renamed Longan about 1932 (see further down on this page for more information about Hyde Park)

Horace Mann Elementary School

39th and Euclid

Faxon Elementary School


EC White Elementary School (most went to Southwest High School)

49th and Main

Bancroft Elementary School

42nd and Tracy

Allen Elementary School

706 West 47th Street

William Volker School

3715 Wyoming

E.F. Swinney
47th and Jarboe

Hyde Park School

Hyde Park grade school at Thirty-third and McGee streets in the town of Westport (before its annexation by Kansas City), replaced an earlier 8-room, frame schoolhouse called the Knickerbocker school.

The Westport school board, composed of Judge A. Allen, W. J. Knepps, F. S. Groves, C. L. Hendrick, F. Henderson and R. R. Johnson, sent a representative East in 1894 to make a study of modern schools. As a result, a fine, new 4-story brick building costing $24,300 was erected on the old site, The architect was F. Middaugh. The new school was named Hyde Park. Two additions were added later.

Mr. Charles S. Parker was the last principal at the Knickerbocker and the first at the new Hyde Park. Strong programs in physical training and athletics helped the school to win many city track meets and athletic events, in which Parker took great interest. An enthusiastic advocate of playgrounds, games and sports, he is remembered by many, with stop watch in hand, timing the children at practice races, during recess, lunch period and after school.

The school set records during World War I for sales of "Thrift Stamps" and in Liberty Loan drives.

Hyde Park school was razed in 1955 and the modern 2 ½-story George B. Longan school was built on the south part of the school property, originally the Hyde Park school playground area.

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