Photos from 55th Reunion
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Dave Acuff, Mary Ruf and Lynn Evans

Display table and DVD being played in the background.

Dave Acuff recieving his Trophies from Carol Nicholson Williams with Mary Ruf and Lunn Evans watching.

One Trophy was 1st place Doubles with John Stackhouse and Dave Acuff in ping pong at Tiger Den Tournement.

The other Trophy was for Regional Basketball 3rd Place at Rockhurst College with Coach Claude Baker.

Players named on the trophy were: Wade Fredrickson (Captain), Dave Acuff, Wray Burris, Jay Bucher, Richard Cox, Brian Hostin, Dave Mettee, Dean Mitchell, Vance morris, Kenny Ross, Andy Sandquist, Roland Tucker, Bill Gallup (Manager), Bruce Fitch (Manager), Richard Hines (Manager), Richard Kline (Manager).

Carol Nicholson Williams found them before Westport High School closed. They were presented at the reunion to Dave Acuff.

Carolyn Beck Casey talking to Dick and Beverly Kiehl who came from California.
Jimmy Squires and wife Carol who arrived from Columbia Missouri.
Left Front is Dale Oyer, Augie Ruf and Donna Dodds Haas

Terry Murphy Renfrow and husband Louis Renfrow.

Table behind is Art and Les White and Don and Martha Philgreen.

Right Front is Lynn Evans and Left Front is Lynn's husband Fred Saunders who drove from California in their RV.

Then Laurineann Dygowski with Jeff Sheldon who drove from Texas

Art White and wife Les
Bob Brewer who drove from Colorado

Jim Willette and Carolyn Beck Casey.

Jim Retired from the Air Force and lived in Lousinia during hurrican Katrina. Jim's wife passed away and he is now living in Overland Park Kansas with his sister Sara Willette.

Nancy Conklin Wilson and husband Frank Ingels who drove from Flordia to the Reunion.
Linda Teegarden

At the Reunion Buffet

Left side is Dale Oyer and right front is Bob Brewer and wife Lavrette (Lolly).

Behind Bob is John Joe and Virginia Reyes. Virginia is in front of John Joe then Barbara Hinshaw Goodwin.

Barbara Hinshaw Goodwin

This is the Trough that was used in building Westport in 1908. It was presented to Westport at our 50th Reunion in 2007. It is in our posession looking for a memorial home in a trophy case.

The picture of it was taken outside and on a sunny day. A reflection of Lupe's pants and shoes are in the background of the picture along with the side of our house.

These are the pictures, names and date of death of the 18 classmates that have died in the past 5 years. 2007 - 2012 on display at the 55th reunion.

From Top to Bottom - Left to Right

William (Bill) Henry, Robert (Bob) Becker, Chris Lopez, Barbara West, Loren (Whitey) Prothe

Carol (Bassett) Buchanan, Ronald Hardwick, James Oaks, Mary Gagliardi, Rasella (James) Ginder

William (Bill) Gallup, Beverly (Stone) Weisgerber, Larry Tobias, Glenn Durbin

Mary Katheryn (Brown) Ferguson, Lillan (Young) Milford, Max Whitworth, Phil Adams